Combustion systems that use gas require particularly high safety requirements. Escaping gas can cause severe poisoning, fire or explosions and must therefore be avoided.

The Exodraft chimney fan solutions for gas systems include a number of safety systems and consist of a chimney fan and a flowmeter system, a Gastec approved control, a maintenance switch and accessories.

Exodraft offers three types of chimney fans for gas:

  • RHG with horizontal discharge
  • RSHG with horizontal discharge
  • RSVG with vertical discharge

All three chimney fans are equipped with a flow measurement system, which in conjunction with the control EFC21 ensures that the hearth is only fed gas when the draught is sufficient.

When the control is switched on, a signal is sent to the chimney fan to create a chimney draught.

Once sufficient draught is available, the regulator allows the gas to flow to the stove/fireplace and it is then lit. If during the lighting or even during operation the chimney draught is too low, the regulator shuts off the gas supply and the fire goes out.

Exodraft chimney fan solutions are the only system on the market that is GASTEC approved, which gives you a guaranteed high safety level.

All Exodraft chimney fan systems come with a two year factory warranty and they can be returned within six months of delivery.

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