The Exodraft ESP particle filter is designed to filter out hazardous and ultrafine particles from the flue gas of your wood-burning stove or fireplace.

The exodraft ESP particle filter comes with a self-cleaning feature and catalytic-like technology.

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Particle build-up

The particle filter reduces the number of particles by 95% (fine and ultrafine particles) as well as reducing the total particle mass by 70%-75%. Measurements were carried out according to the Norwegian standard NS3058 which corresponds to outside air conditions.

The electrostatic particle filter is installed on top of the chimney, where it is coldest, and uses a high-voltage electrode to charge the particles in the flue gas, causing them to collect inside the filter.

The System

The ESP particle filter comes with an integrated chimney fan in its top portion. A chimney fan is a ventilator that ensures a constant updraught in the chimney, making it easier to light the fireplace as well as helping to prevent the backflow of smoke into the room.

Without this reliable mechanical draught, you are at the mercy of the chimney’s natural draught which can vary depending on outside temperature, wind and air pressure.

Why should you remove flue gas particles?

Most flue gas particles have a size less than 0.1 μm which is 1000 times smaller than a human hair. Since the throat of the human body is only capable of capturing particles larger than 2.5 μm, the smaller particles continue to lungs and bloodvessels, causing asthma, breathing problems and/or inflammations and are therefore damaging to your health.

The particle filter captures and eliminates both large and ultrafine particles, thus eliminating the health risk.

Self-cleaning function

The particles are collected inside the filter by electrostatically charging the particles and trapping them inside the filter, where the self-cleaning function of the ESP will cause some of the particles to combust. The remaining particles are released into the chimney, to be burnt off, thus eliminating the need for manual cleaning of the filter.

A cleaning hatch can be supplied for installation between the chimney and the filter, if national law requires chimney sweep access from the top of the chimney.

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