Exodraft is a Danish owned company that has for over 60 years developed, manufactured and sold chimney fans to control chimney draught.

Over the last 10 years we have also developed to be the market leader in products for- and knowledge about industrial heat recovery

With sales in more than 40 countries and the best product range on the market, exodraft is the world leader in solutions for mechanical chimney draught and heat recovery from flue gas/process heat.

Our products are built on a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between combustion and chimney draught, and we solve problems with insufficient chimney draught for households and businesses alike.

With our heat recovery solutions, we help a large selection of different industries convert hot flue gasses from waste heat to utility heat.

Exodraft Products

Exodraft Product Industries & Applications

Beverage & Food industry


Oil – and gasboilers / Larger hotels

Villas & Rowhouses

Light & Heavy industries

Apartment & Apartment Blocks

Commercial kitchens

Barbecue / grill

Street Food

Bars & Pubs