Small Size – Huge Output

The R40 EVO incorporates the latest high-performance technology to deliver unrivalled operation. As well as delivering impressive headline figures, it’s also engineered to offer class leading efficiencies for its entire life cycle in the most demanding installations. This is a boiler that is both practical and future proof.

Features & Benefits

  • 30ºC (30K) flow/return temperature differential
  • 8 bar max water pressure
  • Comprehensive control features
  • Flue connections
  • Cascade packages
  • Pre-fabricated cascade rigs
  • Low heat loss and noise emissions
  • Low auxiliary energy consumption
  • Double helix coil
  • Stainless steel 316L laser welded fin tube
  • Robust heat exchanger with double-wall geometry
  • Flat metal fibre cool flame burner
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Product Features

30ºC (30K) flow/return temperature differential
An improved temperature differential allows easier integration with district heating systems while maintaining optimum efficiency.

8 bar max water pressure
With an enhanced capacity to supply heating and hot water to higher buildings, there is no need for hydraulic system separation.

Comprehensive control features
A clear text display with integrated master-slavecascade functionality makes commissioning simple. Plus, an upgraded module capacity provides straightforward connections for additional heating zones, solar system or external heat sources.

Flue connections
Compatible with both parallel and concentric flue systems, simplifying room sealed installation in commercial buildings.

Cascade packages
In line and back to back arrangements facilitate quick installation of systems up to 1,1 MW — even in limited plant room spaces. They also provide inherent back up and system security.

Pre-fabricated cascade rigs
Single and cascade arrangements can be easily transported on site and set up by only one person.

Low heat loss and noise emissions
A fully insulated casing reduces noise emissions and excess radiation, recovering it within the appliance and restricting heat loss to just 81W.

Low auxiliary energy consumption
An extremely low resistance within the heat exchanger’s geometry ensures less than 0,15 kW of electrical energy is needed to run a 140 kW boiler at full load.

Double helix coil
Minimum hydraulic resistance provides significant reduction in electrical energy usage by the boiler pump.

Flat metal fibre cool flame burner
An optimised combustion zone achieves extremely low NOx emissions of 36 mg/kWh, which already complies with future Ecodesign requirements.

Robust heat exchanger with double-wall geometry
Superb heat transfer at both full and partial load, achieving a flue gas temperature only 2.C above the return temperature at full load.

Stainless steel 316L laser welded fin tube
Advanced robot laser welded technology minimises heat losses between tube and fin, guaranteeing the highest possible heat transfer from the extended heat exchanger surface.

Combustion unit
The combustion chamber of the R40 EVO is easily accessible, allowing the internal components to be maintained and cleaned quickly and effectively – greatly reducing time on site.

Control box
The R40 EVO’s control box neatly folds open to offer simple management of electrical connections, plus rapid access to extension modules which regulate peripheral systems, zones or heat sources.

Technical Drawings

To download a technical dimension drawing for any of the Rendamax R40 EVO High Efficiency Boiler range please select a model below:

Rendamax R40 EVO

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