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Air and dirt in system water are causes of disruption. They can cause excessive wear, damage to expensive system components, process disruptions or even total failure. Energy Management Services use only these quality SpiroTech deaerator & dirt separators, and these problems will become a thing of the past and reducing maintenance requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Greatly reduce cavitation erosion in the system
  • Reduce the system noise
  • Impurities can be discharged when the systems are running
  • Enhance heat exchange efficiency
  • Protect the precision instrumentation valves from damage
  • Eliminate vapor lock so that the terminal devices heat (cool) better

Air & Dirt Seperators

Air Separators
The micro-bubbles deaeration device can quickly and effectively remove free gas, micro-bubbles, and dissolved gas from the system, and effectively solve gas jam, gas whistling as well as any problems in the system that impact the safety and heat economy of the system.

Dirt Separators
The micron decontamination device can continuously collect the dirt in the circulation system, ease the dirt accumulation within the pipelines, reduce the tear and wear of the equipment, and lessen the increased pressure loss so that the system’s lifetime can be prolonged, and the precision equipment well protected, and the equipment can operate as originally designed.

Seperator Placement

Good placement of the separators achieve the optimum system performance.

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