Exodraft flange systems are used to mount the exodraft chimney fan on to chimneys.

This creates a stable and safe access between the chimney and chimney fan.

The flange is made of stainless steel and ensures that the chimney fan is on a flat surface.

Additional Mounting Accessories

Exodraft products are designed for life.

When you use original Exodraft accessories together with our chimney fan then you are certain that all parts will fit together. This is your guarantee for a solution, which will last 20 to 30 years.

Frequency Converters

Exodraft frequency converters are used in connection with the EBC20 control in order to regulate the speed of the 3-phased chimney fans:

FRK-008 is used with the RSV400-4-2 chimney fan
FRK-009 is used with the RSV450-4-2 chimney fan

Gas Soleniod Valves

Exodraft gas solenoid valves are used in connection with the EFC21 control, which opens and closes the supply of gas in correlation with input from the EFC21 control.

The valve opens the gas supply, when the right flow is measured in the chimney, and the combustion can begin.

If the control is notified about a low amount of flow, the valve closes and the risk of gas emission will be eliminated.

Relay Box

Relay box for the EBC20/22 control.

When more than two boilers are connected to the chimney, a relay box with the possibility of up to four boilers is applied.

If the need surpasses four boilers, an additional two relay boxes can be connected. Therefore, up to eight boilers per EBC20/22 control can be controlled.

Damper Motor

The Exodraft Damper Motor is used in Exodraft exhaust system solutions for the protection or control of inflow of hot flue gas to Basic Plate heat recovery devices.

A damper motor is used primarily for larger boiler systems, industrial processing plants, or commercial systems.