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The control of your outdoor fireplace is completely in your hands with an exodraft chimney fan.

When the summer weather cooperates, we spend more time outside with friends and family. For many, spending time outside also means lighting the outdoor fireplace and grill.

Short chimneys make for poor draught

Outdoor fireplaces and grills often have short chimneys with poor draught, however, making lighting the fire difficult, and people frequently experience smoke in the patio, which is irritating for oneself as well as the neighbours. Usually, a short chimney also means that the temperature at the top of the chimney can be very high. If this is the case, Exodraft obviously has a solution for this as well.

The model RSHT chimney fan is the solution

The RSHT chimney fan is designed to function under extreme conditions with very high flue gas temperatures, and it works smoothly at temperatures of 500°C (700°C for short intervals).

Get control of your chimney draught

With a chimney fan system from Exodraft, you gain control over the draught in your outdoor fireplace. The chimney fan is installed on top of the chimney, creating a negative pressure that ensures any flue gasses being pulled up through the chimney. Using the associated controller, you can control the draught in the chimney as needed, so you can enjoy the fire in your fireplace or woodburning stove with no annoying smoke.

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