A chimney is optimised for a given operating point; however, if a biofuel furnace is used throughout the year, the natural chimney draught does not always allow for optimum operating conditions.

The natural chimney draught varies throughout the year, and if a biofuel furnace has insufficient draught, it can lead to difficulties when lighting, soot deposits, the flue gas not discharging or the fire going out.

An insufficient chimney draught can result in poor combustion and thus a less efficient fuel utilisation.

With a chimney fan solution from Exodraft, you can control the chimney draught with precision and thus avoid problems regardless of the season, wind and weather.

The Exodraft chimney fan system for biofuel furnaces consists of a chimney fan RS or RSV with axial impeller and the associated controls and accessories. With a regulator EFC15, EFC16, EFC18 or EFC35 the chimney draught can be adjusted manually as needed.

The EFC18 is supplied with a temperature sensor which ensures that the chimney fan stops automatically 45 minutes after the furnace is switched off. Additionally, the control automatically switches the chimney fan on, if this has not been done manually before lighting the fire.

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